Kia Ora

First post

My name’s Isabella Young,

I’m 19 years old studying a BFA (Bachelor of fine Arts) at Whitecliffe, in Auckland, New Zealand.
I’m one of the lucky ones to be able to say that i’m living out my passion, living in a majestic country surrounded by amazing people, making art everyday.
During one of my classes at Uni today, a lecturer suggested that we all start up a wordpress account, to be used to blog as well as an online portfolio of our work and documentation! Which is pretty exciting, because i’ve been thinking of creating a blog for a little while. Here is begins!

I’m pretty excited to share some of my art on here as well, as well as the processes/things that i’ve learned along the way, and a bit of a journey.

To leave things short, here’s a couple of pics and links of myself and my art:

and a cheeky link to my original canvas art prints for sale ‘Gold Leaf Peony’

instagram: izzy_marissa

art instagram: isabellaroseyoung


The majestic country I live in

mixed media ‘Murawai waves at sunset’

‘Gold Leaf Peony’ prints

‘Gold Leaf Peony’ here


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